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Slow Burn — Slow and Steady Means You Win the Race


Discover the epitome of understated sophistication and peak heat rejection with Slow Burn from UltraVision Film. Slow Burn is not just a tint; it's a statement of refined taste and exceptional functionality.



Key Features:

  • Subtle Red Elegance: Slow Burn presents a delicate and refined light red tone, adding a touch of sophistication to your vehicle's windows. This subtle hue speaks volumes without overwhelming the overall aesthetic.


  • Best-in-Class Heat Rejection: Experience unparalleled heat rejection capabilities with Slow Burn. This tint is engineered to keep your vehicle cool and comfortable, making it the optimal choice for those seeking superior thermal performance.


  • Slight Blue Hue for Comfort: Slow Burn goes beyond mere aesthetics. Enjoy a subtle blue hue at the bottom of the screen from the interior, designed to alleviate eye strain and enhance comfort during intense sunlight.


  • Unobtrusive Brilliance: Unlike some chameleon tints, Slow Burn is intentionally subdued in direct sunlight. It doesn't overpower the senses but subtly enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle.



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Slow Burn™