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Crafted to perfection, these miniature windshields are ideal for showcasing the stunning visual effects of chameleon tint or any other tint. Simply apply the chameleon or dark tint to these windshields to see firsthand how it transforms ordinary glass into a a mix of colors. Tint not included.


Whether you're a tinting enthusiast looking to experiment with different shades or a professional tint installer showcasing your skills, our Mini Windshields offer endless possibilities.


Compact and portable, they're great for demonstrations, showroom displays, or personal experimentation. Plus, they're easy to handle and perfect for capturing attention at trade shows or events.


Unlock the magic of chameleon tinting with our Mini Windshields and let your creativity shine through!

Mini Windshields

  • Mini Windshield Size: 9in x 12in 

    Medium Windshield Size: 15in  x 18.5in 

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