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How do I become a dealer?

Please fill out the application on our For Dealers page and we will check your credentials and send you a code that will give you access to the dealer prices!  If you are not within the U.S.A, please email us directly. 

What if I can’t decide which tint I want?

If you can’t decide, we can send you a small sample of each of our tints that you can tape to your car windows and decide which looks best! The sample package is highly recommended.

Can I return this tint?

You may return item(s) that are in original condition and in original packaging within 30 days of the purchase, for exchange, credit, or refund. Buyer pays for return shipping and a 15% restocking fee for all returns.

I ordered the film and entered the wrong address. What do I do?

Please email us immediately if the address was wrong and we will try to fix the situation ASAP.

Is chameleon tint legal?

Yes!* However, it depends on which tint you buy. Most of our tint have a high VLT (visible light transmittance, aka how dark the tint is). Most countries ask for above 70% for their windshield and front windows. Night can often be installed on the rear windshield and side windows. 

*Please check with your region/country/county to be sure. 

Is this a reflective or metallic tint?

No, this is a chameleon tint! It will change colors and reflectivity depending on angle of view, angle of windshield, and weather conditions. It doesn’t have a mirror like quality to it nor a metallic one. This comes from the 200 layers of polyester materials that are used in production of the tint. 

Does it obstruct my view?

Not at all! Since our tints have high light visibility, the visibility from inside the car is not affected.

What does the package “all windows” mean?

This includes the front windshield, all side windows, and rear windshield.

How do I install it?

We recommend going to a professional tint dealer that installs tint and is used to working with thicker tint. The installer should be careful with the heating of the tint as well. You can find videos of how it is installed here.

Can I get a custom size cut of tint?

Yes, but not wider or narrower than 40 inches for cuts. Length is customizable, but the sizes we offer are the ones listed on our website match all cars. Please contact us with more questions regarding this.  Keep in mind it is better to be cautious and to get more tint rather than less.  

Can I make my Chameleon tint darker?

Any normal black tint can be installed over an existing chameleon tint to darken it. First the chameleon tint should be installed and then the dark tint should be installed on top. 

Is there a warranty?

We are the only company in the world that offers a lifetime warranty for all of our products! See the warranty certificate on our install page. 

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