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Our UltraVision family is growing quickly! Please see the map below to see an installer in your region. If you are a tint shop and are interested in being featured, please submit the dealer form here!


If an official installer is not in your area, you can install our products at any reputable tint shop. For an installation demonstration, please watch the following video. 

Got issues?

 Don't worry! Snap a photo, send it our way, and we'll find a solution or provide a replacement! Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Email us!

Watch Our Chameleon Tint Installation Demonstration Video:

Our Installers:

UltraVision LLC is not responsible for the actions of each and every tint shop featured on our site. 



Do NOT overheat this film as it is thicker than most films (2.5ml); therefore it'll take more time to shrink. 

Experienced tint installers are strongly encouraged. For more information and details, watch the installation video found above. 

Because of this being a "Chameleon" type film, the percentage of VLT in different areas of the same film may differ from the average of +/- 7%

If any damage to the film is found upon arrival, please return it immediately. If you attempt to install a damaged film, you will no longer be able to return it

Got issues? Email us!

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