Who Are We and
What is A Chameleon Tint?

Who Are We?

UltraVision tint is unlike any other in the world!

We started our business back in the U.S. in 2004 to become pioneers in a new type of tint. Now, we are a business with customers all over the world!

Our tint is manufactured in Connecticut, but to reach our worldwide customers we have several distribution centers in Eurasia and North America. We are proud to report that we have more than four hundred factory employees and more than two hundred fifty sales representatives worldwide. Last year, we reached our goal of delivering more than 400,000 rolls of tint with the help of our UltraVision family. 

The pillars of our company is excellent customer service and consistent quality and progress. We believe in consistently improving our tint formulas and continually forming relationships all over the world, both with tint shops and direct consumers! 

What is a "Chameleon" Tint?


On first glance, the “chameleon” tint looks like a slightly dark film, but in reality, the creation of this tint takes over 200 layers of different polyurethane materials. With the help of modern technology, the tint does not fade even in the brightest conditions.

It is made so that you could never become tired of the amazing chameleon effects that differ depending on the weather, lighting, and angle of view. This tint also provides great visibility for the passengers inside.  Therefore, the "chameleon" name reflects the ability and tendency to change depending on its surroundings. 

Safety Benefits

This tint is great for providing safety in all terms of that word. It not only protects passengers from harmful UV rays but the interior as well, which helps maintain the color of your interior from fading. This ensures that there is better temperature control inside your car and keeps it cool.

It also helps prevent bodily harm in the event of a car accident, as this tint protects everyone inside the car by ensuring that the glass does not shatter into pieces. The windows become stronger and thicker due to this tint.