For Dealers

We would love to have your tint shop as an official partner of UltraVision tint! If you are located within the U.S.A, please fill out the form below. For international dealers, please email us directly for more information.

Benefits of Our Chameleon Films for Dealers

A Dependable Supplier with Quality Products

Make Profit on Selling and Installing Our Product

Differentiation from Your Competition

Products Are Unique with High Variety Ready to be Sent Anywhere in the World

What Do Official UltraVision Dealers Receive?

Lower Prices

As a UltraVision official dealer, you will receive wholesale prices and bulk shipments for all our tints so that our tint is more affordable than ever before!


Fast Shipping

Our warehouse is ready to ship anywhere in the world, and shipping within the U.S. is free for all orders! Additionally we use premium shipping so that shipping time is only 1-3 days. 

Products Straight from the Producer

Our company aims to constantly create and invent new ways to implement our unique chameleon technology in order to serve our clients best.


Big Variety

We always want to discover our customers preferences and have a wide assortment of tint that can be used for different factors. No other company in the world has the same chameleon variety that we do. 

Become an UltraVision Dealer

We are always seeking more dealers that can be representatives of the UltraVision brand. We support each dealer through marketing and advertising means. To become a dealer for UltraVision in the U.S., please register below. If you are interested in becoming an international dealer, please full out the contact us form below.