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For New Dealers

Earn up to $350,000 a year 

In ANY City Worldwide!

In partnership with UltraVision

UltraVision — The Leading Company For Tint and PPF in the World!

You must fully and comprehensively expand your business with our diverse and versatile chameleon tint product line, no matter what level of experience you have had in the past. Our chameleon tint product line has a wide range of colors and can be used on various surfaces to enhance the appearance of your products. 


New Client Base


Raised Profits


Variety of Products


Fast N' Free U.S. Shipping

What YOU Will Receive as a Dealer:

Lower Prices

As an UltraVision official dealer, you will receive wholesale prices and bulk shipments for all our products so that our tint is more affordable than ever before! This helps ensure that you can sell and install the products for a higher profit margin. There are no minimum orders or limits! We want to make sure YOU win!


Fast N' Free Shipping

Our warehouse is ready to ship anywhere in the world, and shipping within the U.S. is free for all orders! Additionally, we use premium UPS shipping so that shipping time is only 1-3 days on average. We offer expedited shipping per individual customer request as well for an additional charge.


Large Variety of Products

We always want to discover our customers preferences and have a wide assortment of tint and film that can be used for different factors. No other company in the world has the same chameleon variety along with black tint and paint protection film that we do, with a variety of darkness's and shades from 10% to 90% VLT so that it can serve the legal limits of your country. Our products come in an assortment of colors that fit any style. 


Products Straight from the Manufacturer

Our company aims to constantly create and invent new ways to implement our unique film technology in order to serve our clients best. Our products come with our qualified brand that is trusted all over the world and guaranteed to come with 24/7 customer service! 
We provide solutions for any product issues (free replacement or credit).

​Raised Profits

With UltraVision, you can get profit from installation, or resale of our products to your community! This gives you the opportunity of being the industry leader in your area with a differentiating product. Consumers who have bought the tint from our site in your area will come to you for their installation!


New Generation

UltraVision has spent the last several years working on completely new tints, films, and paint protection products with never before seen quality and durability! There are no similar tints and variety of products anywhere else! We want to make sure you have a protected style that is the best for your or your client's vehicle.


The Best Decision for YOUR Client’s Cars

Our chameleon and dark tints create a comfortable environment for the driver and passenger by blocking from 80%-94% infrared rays and almost 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays! Our various darkness options allow for great visibility and protection from curious gazes. Meanwhile, the paint protection film ensures that your car stays protected on the exterior!

3 Reasons Why We're Different:

Photo Dec 11 2022, 16 38 03.jpg

Buy our products with one click! (No calls, minimum orders, or contracts needed)

We have transparent and upfront prices! Become a dealer and see your discount now!

We offer a quality tints and paint protection films with fast n' free shipping and customer service that is here for YOU 24/7.

Huge Opportunities Await!

Cities are still available!


Become an UltraVision Dealer

We are always seeking more dealers that can be representatives of the UltraVision brand. We support each dealer through marketing and advertising means. To become a dealer for UltraVision in the U.S., please register below. If you are interested in becoming an international dealer, please full email us. 

 Please note as part of the dealer agreement, UltraVision LOGO must be present on your site/social media. 


1.  Does the product have a warranty?

Yes! All our tints have a lifetime warranty. 

Got issues? Don't worry! Snap a photo, send it our way, and we'll find a solution or provide a replacement! Your satisfaction is our top priority. Email us!

2.  What happens if I have an issue with the product?

Please reach out to us and we will find a solution! We provide free replacements or credit in many situations.

3.  Is chameleon tint easy to install?

This is like any shrinkable tint, but thicker! It uses the same technique, but more heat is needed. You can watch our videos and we offer one big sample per each dealer for practice.

4.  Is chameleon tint legal?

Yes!* However, it depends on which tint you buy. Most of our tint have a high VLT (visible light transmittance, aka how dark the tint is). Most countries ask for above 70% for their windshield and front windows. Tints such as Night can often be installed on the rear windshield and side windows. 
*Please check with your region/country/county to be sure on specific limit.

We Offer Worldwide Shipping!

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