What is
Chameleon Tint?

Chameleon tint is a new product on the market providing style and comfort! More than 200 layers of unique materials are combined to make a never before seen chameleon film. 

Due to this, the effects differ depending on the weather, lighting, angle of view, and angle of windshield. Therefore, the "chameleon" name reflects the ability to change depending on its surroundings. 

Is This Tint Legal?

Yes!  Most of our tints have a high VLT (Visible Light Transmittance, aka how dark the tint is). Most countries ask for above 70% for their front windows. The darkest tints can often be installed on the rear window and side windows. 

*Please check with your region/country/county to be sure. 


Temperature Control

Helps Reduce Fading

Custom style

Protection for Harmful Rays

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