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Automotive Tint Film

Why tint your vehicle? There are more reasons than the upgraded looks it brings to your vehicle.


Automotive window tinting not only looks cool but also keeps your vehicle much cooler as well as saves you fuel by keeping strain off your air conditioner. Keeping your vehicle cooler is a large reason for tint but while keeping you cool and protecting your interior, the film also protects you and your passengers from harmful UV rays from the sun.


UltraVision offers multiple lines & shades of film to fit everyone’s needs. If you’re looking for privacy, heat reduction, or even a legal clear film for your entire windshield, we guarantee we have a film to fit your needs!

Temperature Control

Helps Reduce Fading

Custom style

Protects from Harmful Rays

Our Films


Install our tint at any official tint store closest to you. This guarantees that you will receive a high quality product and professional service. 


This video shows the recommended installation of the chameleon tint. This is a shrinkable tint.  If you have further questions, please contact us.