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Do It Yourself Kit (DIY)  Heat Rejection Tint – 80% VLT (Visible Light Transmission  aka the darkness levels). Say goodbye to hot, stuffy rooms and hello to a cooler, UV-protected environment with this tint that will block 75% of heat entering through your window. 


Beat the heat with our DIY Heat Rejection Tint, designed for easy installation on the interior side of your flat windows. With 80% VLT, this tint provides a perfect balance of natural light and effective heat rejection, making it an ideal quick fix for hot days and no extra hassle of finding someone else to install it with this DIY project. This DIY project is one that will save you $1,000 dollars on!


What's Included:

- Roll of Tint

- Spray Bottle

- Squeegee

- Scrubber Sponge

- Solution (needs to be mixed with water for install. Use a ratio of 15% baby shampoo solution and 85% water)

- Microfiber rag

- Cutting Knife



Key Features:

1. 75% Heat Rejection: Allows natural light while significantly reducing heat and glare in any space.


2. UV Protection: Shields your space from harmful UV rays, protecting both you and your furnishings.


3. Easy Installation: Works like a sticker – simply peel off the backing, spray generously both the window and both sides of the tint, apply, and squeegee out any bubbles. This is installed on the interior of the windows so no need to climb up any ladders!


4. Extra Installation Material: Comes with enough material to practice, ensuring you get it right even if the first try isn't perfect.


5. Will Save You Money: Pay less bills with this heat rejection tint! Your AC won't have to be running 24/7 to keep your space cool this summer.



Perfect for renters, homeowners, business owners and DIY enthusiasts! Our Heat Rejection Tint offers an affordable and effective solution to keep your space cooler and more comfortable.

DIY - Heat Rejection Kit (RV, Apartment, House, Office Windows)