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Window film that offers style and protection

Improve the appearance of your car while still protecting and enhancing your style!

Style tinting for your ride

This is our specialty. The athermal films in the UltraVision Chameleon series is what made UltraVision popular among consumers.These films are made on modern equipment using more than 200 layers of unique materials. There are 6 types of Chameleon films, differing in light transmittance and predominant colors.

The most popular of these films is Chameleon Clima Comfort and Chameleon Stealth, which not only provide a unique look but also protect from harmful sunlight. These tints also comply with the legal regulations in regards to visibility in most countries. 


UltraVision tint films come from our dedication to the joy of evolution. We constantly search for materials that are better, lighter, thinner, stronger, and have better technical indicators. We get a thrill from hunting new materials to surpass what was once the pinnacle of technology and quality. Most of our films have no similarities in the world.

Is This Tint Legal?

Yes!  Most of our tints have a high VLT (Visible Light Transmittance, aka how dark the tint is). Most countries ask for above 70% for their front windows. The darkest tints can often be installed on the rear window and side windows. 

*Please check with your region/country/county to be sure. 


Benefits of our Chameleon Films

Unquestionable Product Quality 

Unique and Stylish Look

Protection and Guarantee


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